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st: prvalue and the invisible prediction

From   "Robert Bozick" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: prvalue and the invisible prediction
Date   Tue, 19 Oct 2004 20:45:27 -0400

Hey Listers --

I want STATA to estimate predicted probabilities for my binary outcome for different levels of my independent variables. I am estimating a logit model. STATA estimates the model without any error messages. I then use the prvalue commands to obtain the predicted probabilities. To be specific, the code I use is:

prvalue, x(hourw10=1 hourw20=0 hourw30=0 hourw40=0 hourw40p=0 offcampus=1 apt=0 fam=0 misres=0 off20=0 off30=0 off40=0 apt10=0 apt20=0 apt30=0 apt40=0 apt40p=0 fam10=0 fam20=0 fam30=0 fam40=0 fam40p=0 misr30=0 misr40=0 misr40p=0)

Again, I receive no error messages, but STATA does not produce the predicted probabilities (or they are invisible). The output looks like this:

logit: Predictions for persist

Pr(y=continuo|x): . 95% ci: ( ., .)
Pr(y=no_persi|x): . 95% ci: ( ., .)

The predictions are not there! Help! Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Why can I not get STATA to produce the predicted values?

Thanks in advance,

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