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st: -mice- available on SSC

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: -mice- available on SSC
Date   Sun, 17 Oct 2004 18:17:30 +0100

Thanks to Kit Baum, a -mice- package is now 
available on SSC. 

The author is Patrick Royston. I am acting 
only as poster. Patrick is not a member 
of Statalist, so questions on -mice- or 
any other of his programs should be 
sent to him directly at [email protected] 

-mice- is a package for multiple imputation of 
missing values. MICE is, precisely, multivariate 
imputation by chained equations.

Patrick published this in Stata Journal 
4(3):227-241 (2004) using Stata 8 code. The package
then attracted some interest from Stata 7 users, 
and Patrick realised that only a few tweaks 
were needed to make the package also available 
to Stata 7 users. (Stata 6 or below: sorry, 
the process goes no further.)  

He thus put out a version called -mice7- on SSC. 

Despite what it says about -mice7- (as I write) if you go 

. ssc desc mice

the files in -mice7- have already met Kit Baum's cat, called 
-rm- (_r_emove _m_ice), and are no more. 

-mice- on SSC now is in effect a beta release of 
a second edition, which should be of interest 
to Stata 8 or Stata 7 users of -mice-, irrespective
of whether you downloaded the files from the 
SJ website or you installed -mice7- from SSC. 

Among other changes  

(1) -mlogit- is now supported by -micombine-. 

(2) -micombine- now allows the -id()- option to 
support use independent  of the rest of the package.
[email protected] 

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