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st: Reversing an -update-

From   "Renzo Comolli" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Reversing an -update-
Date   Wed, 6 Oct 2004 15:18:55 -0400

The post here below made me wonder whether it is possible to reverse an
executable update manually.
If I remember well, in Stata 7 the swapping of the executable was done by
hand, so the .old executable would have remained in the windows recycle bin.
What happens to the old exectuble in Stata 8 (once Stata has restarted and
has determined that it is working properly)? Is it erased from the disk?

Renzo Comolli

*From   [email protected] (Vince Wiggins, StataCorp) 
To   [email protected] 
Subject   st: Windows executable updates 
Date   Wed, 06 Oct 2004 11:30:31 -0500 


The update that became available at 3:02pm CDT (20:02 GMT) yesterday
a bug in the Windows version that could cause Stata to crash when using the
Viewer.  We have identified the problem and a new version fixing the bug
be made available for update later today or tomorrow morning.  Until then,
updates will be unavailable.

If you are running Windows and updated Stata between 3:02 CDT (20:02 GMT)
yesterday and 9:54am CDT (14:54 GMT) today, you should avoid using the
and you should -update- again later today or tomorrow.

We will let you know the minute the fixed version is available for -update-.

Those running Macs or Unix/Linux machines are not affected and will not need
to -update- again.

-- Vince 
   [email protected]

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