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st: RE: What are the practical uses of the -offset- option?

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: What are the practical uses of the -offset- option?
Date   Fri, 1 Oct 2004 11:45:21 +0100

None springs to mind. 

A quite different comment is that 
a note or paper on this theme would be welcome as 
a submission to the Stata Journal. 

[email protected] 

Joseph Coveney
> Is there a catalogue of the various practical uses of the 
> -offset()- option
> (available in -logit-, -probit-, -ologit-, -oprobit-, . . .)? 
>  I couldn't
> find any general description for its intended use(s) in the 
> Stata User's
> Guide, Programming manual (didn't really expect to see 
> anything there on it,
> anyway) or in the Reference manuals for the commands that 
> have it as an
> option.  Its description under the Options sections of the 
> various commands
> that offer it is pretty brief and doesn't lend any insight as 
> to what it's
> for.
> I knew of its use in profiling the log-likelihood to obtain 
> likelihood-ratio
> confidence intervals--there's one user-written command 
> (-logprof-) by Mark
> Pearce that automates the process for one estimation command
> (-logit-/-logistic-), and I've used Bill Gould's -bisect- for the same
> purpose for -probit- and -ologit-.  But I'm not aware of anything
> comprehensive written on -offset()-'s applications beyond 
> that.  Today I
> stumbled across another application remeniscient to 
> likelihood profiling,
> except that it doesn't search for log-likelihood values and doesn't
> calculate a deviance:  hypothesis testing of a regression 
> coefficient at an
> alternative-hypothesis value different from its maximum 
> likelihood estimate.
> -findit offset- doesn't turn up anything on-target.  Is there 
> a source for
> the beginner that I could refer to?

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