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Re: st: sts graph

From   Philip Ryan <>
Subject   Re: st: sts graph
Date   Fri, 01 Oct 2004 12:20:53 +0930

I will address the second of Anthony's questions.

The tick marks for the -censored()- option of -sts graph- are rendered by a call to -rspike- but there does not appear to be a way to call -rspike-s's options, in this case, -blcolor()-.

Now sts.ado is a fearsome thing to dabble with, and one hesitates, but I have nevertheless done so. I call the "new" program sts_kludge.ado and with good reason.

It allows just one more option: blcolor(-choice of color-) to render the colours of spikes at times of censoring. For example:

sysuse cancer
stset studyt, fail(died)
sts_kludge graph, censored(single) blcolor(green)

A far better approach would be to have a new option associated with -censored()- to allow multiple options of -rspike- to be invoked (as we have the pairs -atrisk- and -atriskopts(marker_label_options)- and -gwood- and -ciopts()- ). This would allow, for example, the use of -mlabcol()- to render the colour of the numbers censored.

I will send sts_kludge to Anthony separately - I think it is too much of an under-tested beast to let loose.


At 04:58 PM 30/09/2004 +0100, you wrote:

Dear Statalisters,

Two questions regarding the "sts graph" command to create standard
Kaplan-Meier plots

1) Using the "atrisk" option - can I alter the time interval so that I get
the number of cases at risk at the beginning of each year rather than at the
beginning of each time interval?

2) Using the "censored(.)" - how does one change the colour of the tick

Many thanks


Anthony V. Moorman, PhD
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