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RE: st: Royston's mvis ado and version questions

From   Nick Winter <>
Subject   RE: st: Royston's mvis ado and version questions
Date   Thu, 30 Sep 2004 10:13:47 -0400

At 10:38 AM 9/29/2004 +0100, you wrote:
In the case of -mvis- a quick glance suggests
that you might be able to hack it to -version 7-
and it would remain legal and correct. But that
would gain you nothing, really. -mvis- is just part
of a package and the whole package would need
to be scanned in a bid to remove Stata 8 features,
which would I guess require considerable programming
expertise. Someone would need to able to recognise
Stata 8 features and translate them into a Stata 7
equivalent; people with this knowledge tend to
be using Stata 8 already.
In addition, I at least find it very hard to recall which new features are new.

Did the usage

. local ++i

come in with Stata 7 or Stata 8, for example?

Note also, if you are trying to rewrite a program for an earlier version of Stata, it is crucial to run the program in the earlier version of Stata. That is, if you change the version statement on a program to "version 7", and then run it successfully in Stata 8, that is no guarantee that it will not crash when run by Stata 7.

Stata 8 still allows some new features even when version is set to 7 (or less). All the version statement ensures is that any behavior that changed from 7 to 8 will operate as it used to.


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