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RE: st: config. mgt issue

Subject   RE: st: config. mgt issue
Date   Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:56:15 -0400

On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Shannon Driver, StataCorp wrote:
> > Stata ado-files are completely portable across platforms.  
> There are no
> > differences between the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh 
> ado-files.  You could
> > share them across the network and everything would work.
> > 
> > However, I would not recommend that you do this.  Running 
> Stata ado-files
> > across a network in this manner will be much slower 
> compared to running them
> > while they reside on the local machine.
> > 

Daniel Feenberg
> "much slower"? We have a network license for Stata here, 
> where the entire
> wstata executable and all ado files are loaded across a network (via
> Samba) and there have been no complaints about the speed of loading.

In our shop where the network suffers from heavy bandwidth congestion during
most of the day time hours.  Consequently ado's take much longer to load but
the longest delays occur when viewing help files.  I have seen instances
when a help file would take > 30 seconds.  Plenty of time to even forget why
you wanted to view the help in the first place.  Complaints abounded.

We followed Shannon's advice and centralized all ado- and executable updates
on the network and then synchronize each user's ado folders periodically.
Life has never been better since.

> My understanding is that an ado file is loaded once when 
> first referenced
> in any Stata session, and is re-excuted (if necessary) from 
> memory. So I
> wouldn't expect any speed difference beyond a small fixed overhead (a
> fraction of a second) for each Stata run. In a brief test 
> here that was
> confirmed. Am I missing something? Can you give an example of 
> an ado file
> that would be affected in a noticable way?
> Daniel Feenberg
> feenberg isat nber dotte org

Patrick Joly
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