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However, to proceed further we need more precise information, 
particularly to know more about the dataset and about
_exactly_ what you typed. Preferably you can show some subset 
of the data and the exact commands which reproduce the problem. 


Christopher J. Crnich, MD
> I am new to Stata so my question may be a bit naive. I am 
> working with 
> count data (infectious diseases where persons either do or don't 
> develop illness) and I am trying to create an epidemic curve 
> over a 48 
> hour period (timeline labeled from 1 - 48). I used the histogram 
> function, however, my last data point (at 34.5 hours) does 
> not show up 
> on the histogram. Curiously, when I change the last data points time 
> from 34.5 to 32 hours it does show up on the histogram. However, any 
> number >32 causes the data point to disappear. It does not even get 
> lumped in with the next closest data point (26.5). Anyone 
> have an idea 
> what is going on? Am I doing something wrong with the histogram 
> command?

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