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Re: st: unsufficient memory to load GUI dialog

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   Re: st: unsufficient memory to load GUI dialog
Date   Wed, 08 Sep 2004 17:09:35 -0500

Dimitriy V. Masterov ( asked about
a problem he is having running Stata under Windows XP SP2:
> Has anyone gotten this error message trying to open the GUI? I run Stata
> 8.2 on XP Pro with SP2 installed. Our tech guy says it's not my computer,
> but something with Stata. I tried using various parameters for set mem,
> but nothing seems to work. It won't even open when I have no data sets
> open.

Stata has been fully certified using our bench-testing scripts under
Windows XP SP2.  In fact, I installed XP SP2 on my home laptop last
week and have been running Stata with no problems.

Dimitriy should contact Stata technical support at
with more details about what is going wrong on his system.  Since
Dimitriy mentions not having any datasets open and mentions trying
various -set mem- combinations, I am confused as to whether he has
Stata up and running but is unable to do something in its GUI or if
Stata will not start at all.  In any case, our technical services
group will be able to help him diagnose what is wrong with his computer.

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