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st: More unpublicised dialog commands

From   Roger Newson <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: More unpublicised dialog commands
Date   Thu, 26 Aug 2004 12:31:37 +0100

Hello All

Thanks to James Hassell for this helpful advice (and also to Vince Wiggins, who gave me the same advice at the NASUG meeting in Boston).

I now have another query about dialogs (which I also raised with Vince, who referred me to James). The official Stata dialog file -efunction.dlg- contains another unpublicised command, namely EXP, which appears to specify an expression button, which, if clicked on, causes an expression pallette to open, allowing the user to create (and graph) an expression by pointing and clicking. (Users can type -db efunction- to demonstrate this.) What is the syntax of the EXP command? And how many more unpublicised dialog commands are there?

Best wishes (and thanks in advance)


At 18:03 20/08/2004, James Hassell wrote:

Roger Newson wrote:

>2. In the dialogs for -graph twoway-, the Scheme combobox on the Overall
>tab should ideally be an ordinary dropdown combobox, instead of being a
>dropdown-list combobox as at present. That way, the user would be able to
>specify unofficial Stata schemes, such as Sven Juul's black-and-white
>-lean- schemes. (A lot of people like to have a black and white scheme with
>no grays, because grays do not photocopy very well.)

I think the best approach is to use the naming convention outlined in
-help scheme- (Making your own scheme). For example, naming your
scheme, scheme-YourSchemeName.scheme will cause the dialog to find
that scheme and place it in the list automatically.

We will be talking to Sven Juul soon and will mention this to him. In the
meantime, you could just rename any schemes that you have installed.

-- James
[email protected]

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