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st: RE: 'outreg' in a 'foreach' - loop

From   "Jacob, Jeffry Ankur" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: 'outreg' in a 'foreach' - loop
Date   Wed, 9 Jun 2004 11:44:07 -0500

you can  write
capture outreg ......, replace
before the loop.
within the loop, you can then use the outreg with the append option to write into the above document. 
hope this help.

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	Subject: st: 'outreg' in a 'foreach' - loop

	Dear statalist
	I wont to use 'outreg' in a 'foreach'-loop, but to do that I need 'outreg' to ignore the "append"-option the first time it is called, as the output file does not yet exist.
	How do I make 'outreg' to do that, or is there another way to come around this problem?
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