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st: RE: stegen command and the package installation

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: stegen command and the package installation
Date   Wed, 9 Jun 2004 17:53:23 +0100

Let's back track. -stegen- is a user-written 
command. You installed -stegen- from the StataCorp 
website files for Stata Technical Bulletin 35, 
published in January 1998. In Stata terms, that
is a long time ago. That version of -stegen- was 
written for Stata version 5. What's important here is 
that in Stata 6 the survival analysis commands
were changed substantially. 

. findit stegen 

shows that Jeroen Weesie, the author, has a more 
up-to-date version of -stegen- written for Stata version 
6, which is on his own website. That, possibly, may work 
with survival features in version 8. If not, then you will need to come 
back to the list and say precisely what you want to do. 

More generally, the fact that you are using version 8 
doesn't mean that you can use all previous user-written 
programs. You can use most, but not all. A few are 
broken by changes in Stata since they were written 
or for other reasons. 


Parimon, Tanyalak

> I have a quick question about "stegen" command. I have 
> learned that I have
> download the analysis package from the web-site, therefore, I did by
> installing from ssa111. But stata did not take my command. It 
> kept on saying
> that "Data are st/Stata 6 and not st/Stata 5.You are running 
> the old Stata 5
> version of st." I do not understand what that meant since I 
> have been using
> stata version 8 all along.

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