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st: stkerhaz updated

From   Enzo Coviello <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: stkerhaz updated
Date   Mon, 19 Apr 2004 19:52:23 +0200

Dear Stata Users,

Thanks to Kit Baum, there is now an updated version of the -stkerhaz- package downloadable from SSC. In Stata, type
ssc desc stkerhaz
to find out more.

-stkerhaz- computes a kernel smoothed estimate of the hazard (or smr or excess mortality) starting from the cumulative hazard (or smr or excess mortality) function.
In this new version I added the estimates even in the time points where _t is less than the bandwidth (and similarly in the right-hand tail of the analysis time) applying asymmetric kernels described in the Klein and Moeschberger's book (pp. 166-177).
Even if to this aim there is an official command -stcurve, hazard-, I believe that -stkerhaz- still deserves some attention by the Stata Users because -stkerhaz- :

- can compute log transformed confidence interval according to the formula in K & M (p 168) or in Breslow and Day (cohort studies)
- allows to specify a by(varname), so in the graph we can simultaneously assess the hazard function in different groups
- allows to specify and to draw in the same graph up to four different bandwidths
- run under version 7

I hope it could be useful.
Best wishes


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