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re: st: Set textsize in v8

From   David Airey <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   re: st: Set textsize in v8
Date   Mon, 29 Dec 2003 19:53:21 -0600

A feature of version 7 that I liked was the -set textsize- command,
which changed the default text size on subsequent graphs. This command
no longer works in version 8. Is there a simple change that can be made
to the current scheme that will do this? The schemes appear to provide
an extraordinary degree of control over every aspect of our graphs. It
would be nice, however, if there were a single command (or small number
of commands) that increased the size of all text on a graph the way -set
textsize- did in v7. Does such a command exist?

Bill Dupont
I did not see your question was answered. Text styles (textstyle, textsizestyle, textboxstyle) seem all to refer to individual elements of the graph rather than all elements, so that's not your answer. A scheme may be your only option:

Making your own scheme

Scheme schemename is stored in file schemename.scheme. For example,
scheme s2color is stored in file s2color.scheme. You can locate where a
scheme file is located by typing

. which schemename.scheme

If you copy a scheme file from its official place to your PERSONAL
directory (see help sysdir), and if you change its name, you will have a
personal new scheme of that new name.

For example, we have previously typed sysdir and determined that our
PERSONAL directory is c:\ado\personal. We now type

. which s2color.scheme

. copy c:\stata\ado\base\s\s2color.scheme c:\ado\personal\mine.scheme

We now have a new scheme called mine. We can edit file mine.scheme and
change it how we wish. If you look at the file, you will find the lines
very readable, especially if you compare what you are seeing with the
contents of the other official scheme files.


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