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Re: st: Export of WMF and EMF

From   "R. Allan Reese" <>
Subject   Re: st: Export of WMF and EMF
Date   Thu, 11 Dec 2003 10:47:29 +0000

Since this has come up, I'll mention something noticed yesterday that I
have yet to investigate.  I have commands to draw a series of graphs
with fixed ysize, then combine them into one display with fixed ysize
that is the sum of the parts, and is 9.5 inches.  I print the display 
from Stata and it is 9.5in high and 6.5in wide.  The display is 
exported as .emf and read into Word 2000 by Insert/Picture/from file on
a blank page.  When that page is printed, the display is just over 8in 
high but there is a ruled line at the bottom of the page.  I'm probably
missing something obvious but invite comments:

graph combine `stem'1 `stem'2 `stem'3 `stem'4, ///
      imargin(zero) col(1) xsize(6.5) ysize(9.5)
graph export `y'.emf, replace

As another minor irritation, one part of the display has data and a 
fitted line.  The following command works except it is leaving 
excessive space round the legend.  How can I make the legend box fit 
snuggly round the reduced-size text?  (btw `fitname' inserts either
"linear" or "quadratic") 

scatter y hat year, c(l l) clpattern(solid dash) s(i i) ///
    legend(pos(5) ring(0) order(2) size(*.5) margin(small) ///
           label(2 "`fitname' trend line"))  ///
    xsize(6.5) ysize(2.5) graphregion(margin(zero)) 

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University of Hull
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