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st: Re: Wish about StataList on StataCorp server

From (Alan Riley)
Subject   st: Re: Wish about StataList on StataCorp server
Date   Tue, 02 Dec 2003 11:40:47 -0600

Renzo Comolli ( wrote
> I have a small wish.
> Keep StataList working as it currently is and add a URL which has this_month
> in the path instead of 2003-10 2003-11 ...
> E.g.  <>
> Keep on having this months under the month number as is now 2003-12 but on
> top of it also have this_month 
> Of course the wish is that this_month automatically know to update itself to
> the new month each month.
> This is for me not to have to change my bookmark every month.

I can understand why Renzo would want such a URL.  He would like
to have a bookmark which takes him straight to a page listing
the latest Statalist postings, no matter in which month those
postings are made.

The way the Statalist archives work right now, each posting is
put in a directory with a name matching the current month, such

We have added a little script to the web site to do what
Renzo wishes.  If he or anyone else creates a bookmark that
points at

their browser will automatically be redirected to the current
month's 'thread index'.  If the 'date index' is preferred, the
bookmark should be set to

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