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st: Stata 8 graph bugs?

From   "Michael Blasnik" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Stata 8 graph bugs?
Date   Tue, 11 Nov 2003 13:21:35 -0500

I've been using the Stata 8 graphics intensively for the past few weeks and
am finding that I can create lots of really great graphics.  However, I am
also finding lots of little bugs and some big ones.  I was wondering whether
other users are experiencing the same things or whether I just can't figure
out how to do things.  I am using Stata 8.2 SE fully updated on Win XP Pro.

1) I can't get rid of boxes surrounding legends using either the
lstyle(none), lwid(none), or lcol(none) suboptions within the region
suboption of the legend option

2) I sometimes get grid lines ( from xlab(,grid)) that appear on top of the
line connecting my first data series but under the line connecting the
second data series on the same graph.  It doesn't matter where I place the
xlab option.

3) The gmin and gmax suboptions of xlabel and ylabel used with grid usually
have no effect.  Even in some cases where there is a lot of space between
the maximum data label and the axis scale line the gmax option does not
result in a grid line.  I have had to use the xline(  , lstyle(grid)) option
to get the last grid line

4) xtitles seem to run into xlabels on most graphs I create, forcing me to
almost always use the margin(t+1) suboption on the xtitle command

5) I get difficult to decipher error messages for some graphs within do
files (sometimes class-related errors, sometimes unmatched braces errors
that I can't find) .  Typically, the error messages appear only the first
time the do file is called and the graph appears to be drawn correctly.  On
subsequent calls of the same do file, the error messages usually disappear.
In some do file where I loop through the same graph command for many subsets
of the data, I see the error messages only for the first subset and then all
of the other subsets run without problem.

6) I have experienced more Stata crashes in the past week (3 or 4) using the
graph commands than I have experienced in the previous 10+ years of using
Stata.  In one case, the graphics color schemes from Stata apparently began
affecting all other running applications and forced me to reboot (probably
some MS problem is at the root of that).

Are other users experiencing these problems?  Is Stata aware of these
problems?  Working on solutions?


Michael Blasnik

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