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st: Regression across variables

From   "Wallace, John" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: Regression across variables
Date   Tue, 11 Nov 2003 09:31:25 -0800

Hi Statalisters.  I'm trying to get Stata to perform a regression in a data
structure different from the usual yvar xvar arrangement.  I'll diagram the
data set to show what I mean:

Molarity	0.5	1	2	3

Variable	A	B	C	D
Observ1	.22	.45	.99	1.4
Observ2	.23	.5	.98	1.5
Observ3	.19	.38	1.1	1.42

Molarity in this case would be the constant associated with each variable.
The observations are measurements of the system attempting to quantify the
molarity.  The idea would be to generate additional variables that contain
the various regression results of the observations vs Molarity.

My data set at this point is just variable name against observation number.
I don't know how to associate each variable with the corresponding molarity,
or how to tell Stata to perform a regression in this way.  Do I have to
-reshape- or is there another way?

John Wallace
Research Associate
Affymetrix, Inc
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