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Re: st: k-sample tests for differences in proportions

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: k-sample tests for differences in proportions
Date   Thu, 06 Nov 2003 00:51:13 -0500

At 06:09 PM 11/5/2003 -0500, David Kantor wrote:
At 05:15 PM 11/5/2003 -0500, Richard Williams wrote:

Thanks for the detailed and informative answer May. Given that this is fairly complex, is there a command somewhere, e.g. TestEverythingYouCouldEverThinkOf, that would automate this process?


Yes; that makes extensive use of the read_programmers_mind command.
I've tried that command but it usually just seems to produce a bunch of blank pages for me. Much better would be a Do_Whatever_May_Boggess_Would_Do_In_This_Situation command.

If that is a bit too much to ask, it seems like a command that did all pairwise comparisons of group means or proportions using Bonferroni and/or Marascuillo adjustments would seem to have widespread usefulness. Or, perhaps have some variation of the test command where you would list the dummy vars, and specify parameters telling Stata to do all pairwise equality tests applying a Bonferroni correction, e.g.

Testeq dummy1 dummy2 dummy3 dummy4, Bonferroni

or something like that (I have a general idea of what I want, but very little knowledge of how to achieve it with Stata).

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