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Re: st: Any Bootstrapper in the list

From   Ramani Gunatilaka <>
Subject   Re: st: Any Bootstrapper in the list
Date   Tue, 04 Nov 2003 23:37:25 +0000

Hi there,
I am a bootstrapper of the very basic sort myself. As a first reference, did you try Efron and Tibshirani (1993), An Introduction to the Bootstrap? Sets out the basic principles pretty simply.
As for code, I found Angus Deaton's code for analysing household surveys very useful. He uses Stata Version 4 and you will find  his codes at
He uses the DIY -bsample- command.
Hope this will help you.

"\"Jingky P. Lozano\"" <> wrote:
> Mabuhay!!! Hello statalist members. I'm new in the list. I felt desperate
> looking for information for almost a month regarding Bootstrapping. There
> seem
> to be so many references but I couldn't find the one which specifically
> addresses my need. My eyes are already bulging-tired so I decided to
> enlist
> the statalist's help.   
> I hope there's kind soul with enough time to help me in my inquiry. I'm a
> Basic STATA-user planning to do an analysis using Bootstrapping. My Stata
> version is an "oldie" :-). I still have the version 6 and couldn't relate
> much
> to the latest Stata manual available online.  
> I only wish to see an example of a complete stata program code (with a
> sample
> data set) on how to apply bootstrapping in survival data so I can output
> :
> *confidence intervals for the median survival time
> *standard error and bias for the Kaplan Meier survival probabilities and
> Cox
> Proportional Hazard regression
> Can stata control the proportion of censored observations in
> bootstrapping
> survival data? (Say, I want to create bootstrap resample with only 10%
> censored data.)  Is there a particular command available for that?
> Sorry for having so many inquiries. I actually have more questions in
> mind,
> but I don't want to take so much of your time. I just feel helpless with
> the
> questions mentioned above. I would appreciate any information you can
> share.
> Even a message with only a "Hi" would also help to assure me that this
> list is
> really working.  Thank you...thank you very much for your time.
> A peaceful day to all. 
> warm regards,
> Jei
> (Manila, Philippines)
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