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Re: st: Doubt about Stata quantile regression code re: endogeneity

From   "Brian P. Poi (StataCorp)" <>
Subject   Re: st: Doubt about Stata quantile regression code re: endogeneity
Date   Fri, 26 Sep 2003 20:55:37 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 26 Sep 2003, Chih-Mao Hsieh wrote:

> Dear Statalisters, 
> Myself and a co-author are stuck on how to do the programming mentioned
> by the Stata econometrician below... I thought this Statalist might
> help. Can anybody provide some insight (or better yet, a few lines of
> code as a potential guide!) on the dilemma outlined below between *****?
> Chihmao. 
> Dear Sergio, 
> ***** The easiest way to get standard errors for the 2SLAD model is to 
> use the bootstrap. Note that you will want to bootstrap both 
> stages of estimation, not just the second stage. Therefore, when 
> you use -bootstrap- or -bstrap-, you will need to write a program 
> that estimates your entire model. 
> A seminal paper in this area is Amemiya (1982, Econometrica). There, 
> among other things he shows that even though you use quantile regress- 
> ion in the second stage, you should still use OLS in the first stage; 
> this is what he calls the 2SLAD model. He also derives the asymptotic 
> standard errors for this model, though my guess is that using the 
> bootstrap is easier. *****

Chihmao and Sergio are referring to a method to estimate a quantile 
regression that contains an endogenous variable.  For concreteness, 
suppose we wish to estimate the following model using least absolute 

(1)   mpg = a + b*foreign + c*price + error

We suspect that "price" may be correlated with the error term, and so we 
need to use an instrumental variables estimator.  We have two variables, 
"weight" and "length", that are correlated with "price" but not the error 

A simple two-stage estimator proceeds as follows:

   1.  Regress "price" on "weight", "length", and "foreign" using OLS
       and calculate the fitted values; call them "phat"
   2.  Estimate equation (1) with "phat" in place of "price" using
       quantile regression (-qreg-) 

As is usually the case, the standard errors from the second-stage  
regression are incorrect because they ignore the fact that "phat" is 
itself estimated.  Chihmao would like to know how to use the bootstrap to 
obtain standard errors.  The following code does just that:

	sysuse auto, clear

	program bootit
        	version 8.0

        	// Stage 1
        	regress price foreign weight length
       		predict double phat, xb

        	// Stage 2
        	qreg mpg foreign phat

	bootstrap "bootit" _b, reps(1000) dots

Whenever one bootstraps an estimator that uses iteration to find the 
optimal parameters (as -qreg- does), there is a chance that for some 
bootstrap samples the algorithm does not converge.  If Chihmao runs into 
that problem with his model, I'll be happy to help him out if he sends his 
dataset and dofile to or to me privately.

   -- Brian

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