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st: Stata produced eps files and LaTex

From   "Webb.Bayard" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: Stata produced eps files and LaTex
Date   Mon, 15 Sep 2003 08:57:38 -0700


I'm using Windows, PCTeX v5 and Stata v8.1. I am trying to include a graph
in a document.

* I choose "Save Graph As", select "*.EPS", and save.
* I get an EPS file that opens in GSView just fine.
* It also opens in a document window (previewer) in PCTeX
* However, when I typeset my document it not only won't print, it wipes out
the entire page.

I have tried the following commands
with the same results

The reasons I'm starting with Stata are 1) other graphing packages produce
eps files that work 2) if I open the Stata-produced file in GSView and
resave it using their epswrite device it also works and 3) MiKTeX also fails
to produce a graph with the same source material.

My conclusion is that there is something about the Stata produced graphic
that eps viewers seem to able to deal with, but that \includegraphics has a
hard time with.

My short term solution is as obvious as it is tedious: open each file in
GSView and resave it. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there an option
to the Save process that I'm missing? Is there an option to the
\includegraphics command that I'm missing?

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