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st: CHAID and/or segmentation

From   Stephen McKay <>
Subject   st: CHAID and/or segmentation
Date   Fri, 12 Sep 2003 16:32:12 +0100


Nothing found in stata, ... but if the issue is getting hold of a free 
application to do this you have the choice of:
- the R program, package 'tree'
- programme SIPINA (limited version) available from
- There are a few programmes on the net that run the C4.5 algorithm.

All of these have a fairly steep learning curve.  Many on the list 
would advise against using such data-driven approaches.

Best wishes
Steve McKay
PFRC, Bristol University

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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 11:02:15 -0700
From: Kirk Deming <>
Subject: st: CHAID and/or segmentation

Does anyone happen to know how to do AID/CHAID/XAID analyses or anything
similar in Stata 8.0?  So far, the only thing I can find is that SPSS 
this type of analysis, but that's of little use to me.....
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