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st: Survey Data

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Subject   st: Survey Data
Date   Wed, 10 Sep 2003 17:25:07 -0600

Hello Everyone,

I have survey data from STATS CANADA,where some of the responses to questions 
surveyed contain codes for certain responses where others are the numerical 
data I need. In other words, some observations are in code where others are 

For example the survey asks what age the respondent was when they were 
assaulted.  The respondent can answer the age they were during the incident, 
and there is the following code that was entered by the survey team:

Not Applicable: 997
Don't Know: 998
Not Stated: 999

Of course when I ask STATA to calculate Summary Statistics, it uses the code 
as if they were observations so my mean values are through the roof.

How do I get stata to ignore the observations which contain the code?

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