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st: RE: Outreg for descrptive stats

From   Roger Newson <>
Subject   st: RE: Outreg for descrptive stats
Date   Fri, 25 Jul 2003 17:41:15 +0100

At 17:22 25/07/03 +0100, Nick Cox wrote (in response to Ronnie Babigumira:
This whole business -- let's call it the
reporting problem, namely, how best to produce, collate
and report a lot of related results -- is of course
of great concern to many users. It is much of what
most of us _do_ with Stata, perhaps most of what
some of us do, and all of what a few of us do.

One short answer to Ronnie's question is to check
out Roger Newson's paper on his set of programs.
That paper will be forthcoming in Stata Journal 3(3)
or Stata Journal 3(4), but a pre-publication copy
will no doubt be available somewhere soon, if not
The paper Nick is talking about is "Confidence intervals and p-values for delivery to the end user". A pre-publication draft of this paper is available as of today on my website at
which can be accessed either in the usual way via a browser or using the -net- command in web-aware Stata. If you type
net from
then you will find that I have a subdirectory -papers-, where you can download pre-publication drafts of this and other papers.

I hope this helps.


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