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st: "outreg" for d-stats, comparison of means tests, etc.

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   st: "outreg" for d-stats, comparison of means tests, etc.
Date   Fri, 25 Jul 2003 12:56:01 -0400

As a postscript to my earlier posting, and complementary to Nick's posting:

outtable can produce an output file from any Stata matrix. By looping over the rows and columns, you can create whatever (numeric) contents you like in that matrix. Many users may think that matrices are something best avoided since that disastrous course in linear algebra, but Stata matrices can be very usefully employed to organize results and display them. I just proofread the galleys of a forthcoming paper in which we used matrices to display the counts of various logical conditions over a large set of estimates: e.g. how many lambda-hats were signif pos, how many signif neg, etc, No vector spaces here!

So outtable could be used after statsby, but outtable could also be used with a matrix declared and filled by any other sequence of Stata commands. All you have to do is define counters that cycle over rows and columns to produce the matrix (==table) that you like.

It may be noted that outtable produces LaTeX output, not tab-delimited output; an enterprising user could no doubt modify a copy of outtable to produce the latter if they were inclined. I do not use MS Word for serious work, so tab delimited files are not a priority.


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