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Re: st: seriesstyle

From   Friedrich Huebler <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: seriesstyle
Date   Tue, 8 Apr 2003 12:20:27 -0700 (PDT)


Thank you for your response. Creating a new scheme was the solution I
needed, with one correction. You speak of "16 -pstyle-s that were
shipped with Stata." The scheme s2color only lists 15 pstyles, not
16. (I don't know if this depends on the operating system, I have
Windows 98.) The scheme that works for me looks as follows.

-------- BEGIN --- cycle.scheme --- CUT HERE --------

* A scheme to repeatedly cycle through 15 pstyles

#include s2color

seriesstyle p16 p1
seriesstyle p17 p2
seriesstyle p18 p3
seriesstyle p19 p4
seriesstyle p20 p5
seriesstyle p21 p6
seriesstyle p22 p7
seriesstyle p23 p8
seriesstyle p24 p9
seriesstyle p25 p10
seriesstyle p26 p11
seriesstyle p27 p12
seriesstyle p28 p13
seriesstyle p29 p14
seriesstyle p30 p15

seriesstyle p31 p1
seriesstyle p32 p2
seriesstyle p33 p3
seriesstyle p34 p4
seriesstyle p35 p5
seriesstyle p36 p6
seriesstyle p37 p7
seriesstyle p38 p8
seriesstyle p39 p9
seriesstyle p40 p10
seriesstyle p41 p11
seriesstyle p42 p12
seriesstyle p43 p13
seriesstyle p44 p14
seriesstyle p45 p15

-------- END --- cycle.scheme --- CUT HERE --------

Thanks again for the help. I look forward to the documentation of

Friedrich Huebler

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