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st: RE: European Characters & Graphs

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: European Characters & Graphs
Date   Thu, 19 Dec 2002 20:15:25 -0000

Josip Dasovic

> I was hoping that someone might be able to suggest the
> simplest and/or most
> efficient way of using European (specifically, Eastern
> European) characters
> in Stata.  I have searched the obligatory places, and found nothing.
> I am currently working with a dataset of Croatian villages,
> many of which
> have diacritical marks (over (and through) c's, z's, s's
> and d's).  What I
> have done in the past is to "insert" the letter I want
> (from an appropriate
> font type) into an MS Word document, "copy" the letter and
> "paste" it into
> the Stata Command window.  This, however, does not work for
> the character c
> (both upper and lower case).  When I import a c (be it with
> a "hacek", or an
> "accent aigu"--for those familiar with French), it simply
> reverts to the
> normal c (without diacritical mark) in the Stata command
> window.  I can,
> however, paste all the other letters with diacritical
> marks, without any
> problems.
> Furthermore, I am using hbar to graph certain properties of
> these villages,
> and have the names of the villages as the legend on the
> y-axis.  Is there a
> way to ensure that the eastern european characters make the
> journey from
> dataset to legend in the graph unscathed and intact?

What are most obviously on offer are shown by

forval i = 192/255 {
	di "`i'  " char(`i)

which doesn't reveal anything on your list.

I wonder whether some of my colleagues in
the less scientific parts of the social
sciences could ably and articulately deconstruct
the ASCII list as a Cold War era product. The
only non-standard c I can see is c
with a cedilla (of course, mes amis,
it should be included!). The list seems biased
to NATO-type languages.

In this respect, I guess that -hbar-
(_h_orrible _bar_ chart program)
offers no special help, nor any
special hindrance.

[email protected]

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