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Re: st: dual proc. Mac vs. PC

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Subject   Re: st: dual proc. Mac vs. PC
Date   Wed, 28 Aug 2002 09:56:51 -0500

"Laura M. GIULIANO" <[email protected]> asked:

> Does anyone know whether the new dual processor Macs, with a gigabyte of
> RAM, will run Stata SE as well as a high-end PC with same RAM? Especially
> concerned about processes that are computationally intensive--w/really
> large data sets, really large matrices, etc.

Stata does not currently have multiple-processor support but it is something
we would like to explore in the future.

Since Stata will only run on a single processor, then comparing the current
high-end single Motorola PowerPC processor (1.25GHz) versus an Intel Pentium 4
processor (2.5GHz+) suggests you'll get greater performance out of a PC.

Stata's lack of Altivec support was mentioned in another post.  Altivec (or
the Velocity Engine as Apple calls it) increases performance of
single-precision operations whereas Stata works in double-precision.  Altivec
is great for things such as digital video, graphics and 3D games, and even
some scientific applications but not appropriate for applications that require
high-precision such as Stata.

-Chinh Nguyen
 [email protected]
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