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Re: st: Can anyone suggest what I might do?

From   Ulrich Kohler <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Can anyone suggest what I might do?
Date   Tue, 27 Aug 2002 09:23:32 +0000

jon ebeling  wrote
> I have used a set of graphics schemes in stata 7 and now I can't get
> them back. I had the screen resolution changed on my computer, and now
> all I can get is the default graphics window. I've tried to rewrite the
> color schemes which includes the line thicknesses and such but they will
> not "apply" to the specific graph, nor can I save them as a set of
> schemes. Perhaps I'm missing something.
> Are there any ideas out there that can help me?

Maybe not quite the answer you want, but a general recommendation, which 
works well enough for me: I have a set templates as Do-Files with 
graphs-settings. For print out (or translation) I copy the print/translate 
commands to a template and edit the settings in the do-file, if I neet to.

Here is an example:

* Custom 3 
gprefs set custom3 pen1_thick 1
gprefs set custom3 pen2_thick 1
gprefs set custom3 pen3_thick 2
gprefs set custom3 pen4_thick 3
gprefs set custom3 pen5_thick 4
gprefs set custom3 pen6_thick 5
gprefs set custom3 pen7_thick 6
gprefs set custom3 pen8_thick 7
gprefs set custom3 pen9_thick 8
gprefs set custom3 symmag_all 150

* Translator Setting
translator set gph2eps xsize 4.0     
translator set gph2eps ysize 2.5
translator set gph2eps usegphsize off
translator set gph2eps logo off
translator set gph2eps scheme custom3

* Gph->EPS
translate ../analysen/cases1.gph	cases1.eps, replace
translate ../analysen/xtreg1.gph 	xtreg1.eps, replace
translate ../analysen/tpaths.gph 	tpaths.eps, replace
translate ../analysen/verbr.gph 	verbr.eps, replace




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