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st: RE: Keep string data

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Subject   st: RE: Keep string data
Date   Fri, 9 Aug 2002 13:05:12 +0200

keep if siteterm=="lung"

Soeren Mattke
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Subject: st: Keep string data

Hi statalisters,

I have a dataset that contains information on the number of 
registrations within a certain year for different cancer sites. The 
variable name is siteterm and is stored at string10 type. When I am 
analysisng the data I need to keep and drop certain cancer sites 
however I am having trouble doing this. I have no problem dropping 
variables that are stored as int and byte types for example
keep if year==1996
but when I try to do the following
keep if siteterm==lung
I have the error "lung not found; r(111)" returned.
Any advice would be appreciated as this is the last stumbling 
block I am having in relation to my project.
Thanks in advance,

Christopher D Fergusson 

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