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RE: st:problems with outliers

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st:problems with outliers
Date   Thu, 8 Aug 2002 17:37:33 +0100

Nazaria Solferino
> First, I'm trying to follow your suggestion about
> using the command >if but I have 12 variables: do you
> think I could use it the same?(sorry, if pheraphs my
> question it's a bit silly: but isn't this method the
> same as dropping observations? I mean Sytata
> automatically won't take care of the observations
> which hhavve variables outside the range?)

There is no Stata reason why a complicated -if- condition 
should not be used. It is not the same as dropping 

I don't understand the last question. 

> Second, I must realize a regression using a logit
> model: what's the equivalent command as qreg I could
> use in that case?

I don't think there is one, at least not in Stata. 

> Third, I'd like to try also with the method of
> transformation: could you give me some suggestion
> about what transformstion should I perform?

Very difficult to advise without seeing your 
data or knowing your project. I presume from 
above that the outliers are all in the covariates. 
If any transformations are appropriate, they 
would be of the covariates. 

Check out -hadimvo- with your covariates. 

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