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Re: st: Graphics translation: eps bounding box question

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Graphics translation: eps bounding box question
Date   Wed, 7 Aug 2002 22:52:31 +0200


> >
> >1) The bounding box is not given in integers, but as i.e. "0.000 0.000
> >432.000 288.000". This causes ghostview/-script to complain. It should
> >"0 0 432 288".

Roger writes:

> What version of GhostView/Script are you using? I use GSView Version 4.2
> (dated 7 Feb 2002), and it can handle non-integer bounding boxes by
> converting them to integers for display purposes, although it queries the
> user before doing so. You can download the latest version from
>, although it will nag you every time you
> launch it about becoming a registered user.

I use latest gsview and ghostscript. Gsview does exactly what you say, but
epstool refuses to work properly with noninteger bounding boxes.
Just to inform�everyone�about how problem�#1 has been solved: Antoine
Terracol sent me an ado-file which returns integer bounding boxes. It works
wonderful, so if someone else has the same problem, just tell.

> >2) The bounding box is calculated too large, leaving white space below
> >graph. In my case this is about 1/3 of the whole picture.
> You don't say what version of Stata you are using. Stata .EPS graphs used
> to be like that in the days of Stata 6. However, today (in Stata 7) the
> bounding box fits nicely round the graph, in my experience, except when
> use the -by- option of -graph-, in which case Stata arranges the
> in a square array (so vertical and horizontal scaling are done by the
> factor). In this case, if the number of by-groups is not a perfect square
> (eg 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 or 49), Stata wastes the excess space, and puts the
> bounding box round the full set of graphs that would be present if the
> number of by-groups was equal to the next perfect square upwards.

This seems to be what is happening. I combine 5 graphs and have some
white�space below my picture. But now,�since�my bounding boxes�are integer,
it is one line at the DOS promt to correct the bounding box: epstool -b -c
-onewpic.eps oldpic.eps

Thanks a lot for all replies,
best regards,
Eva Poen

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