The Stata News: Vol 32 No 4

Discover a network-analysis suite from Thomas Grund. Learn about interval-censored survival analysis from Stata's lead developer on the project. Browse the latest Stata Press books.

Interval-censored survival analysis

Left-censored data? Right-censored data? Interval-censored data? New in Stata 15 are tools for analyzing data with all types of censoring. Fit your model, assess the fit, draw inferences, visualize results, and more.

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All of Stata's interface in Chinese. All the menus. All the dialogs.

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Network analysis in Stata

With Thomas Grund's nwcommands at hand, you are ready to import and generate networks, calculate centrality and dissimilarity measures, visualize networks, and much more.

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A Course in Item Response Theory and Modeling in Stata

Fresh off the press, this text by Tenko Raykov and George A. Marcoulides introduces concepts of item response theory (IRT) and demonstrates Stata's powerful suite of IRT features.

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Survey Weights: A Step-by-Step Guide to Calculation

Do you collect survey data and need to create weights? Analyze survey data and want to better understand and utilize the weights? Let Richard Valliant and Jill A. Dever guide you through everything you need to know about survey weights.

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Market Research: The Process, Data, and Methods Using Stata

From identifying a research question to collecting and analyzing data to reporting results, authors Mooi, Sarstedt, and Mooi-Reci walk you through the entire market research process. And show you how—using Stata.

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Stata Conference: Call for papers

Have you implemented a new routine in Stata? Do you have a unique Stata-based solution to a problem in your field? Share it with us July 19–20 in Columbus!

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