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Please respect requests in the FAQ (again) [was: Re: st: FW: Fixed effects]

From   Nick Cox <>
Subject   Please respect requests in the FAQ (again) [was: Re: st: FW: Fixed effects]
Date   Wed, 6 Feb 2013 10:36:06 +0000

Mohamud and others tempted to post similarly using Greek characters
should look at

The Harvard archives show how such characters in your post will look
to many list members (not all, but I believe most).

In a word: unreadable.

The FAQ is plain on this point: you are asked to use plain text, not
any kind of formatting. Just because your mailer will let you do it,
it is not universally readable.

I raised this point only a matter of hours ago.

The FAQ also explains that incomplete references such as Greene (2008)
are deprecated on this list.


On Wed, Feb 6, 2013 at 10:26 AM, Mohamud Hussein
<> wrote:
> Sorry all, I should have added the specification of model that I run:
> Cit =αi+ βxit + zitγ + δt + εit.
> αi=intercept
> δi = dummy intercept.
> The basic model is described in Greene(2008): econometric analysis, 6th Ed., page 197; but I added interactions and implemented it such that I can run it to estimate directly the coefficients for the first group (dummy=0) and difference between the two groups on interaction between a variable and the dummy. In this setting, I think, the coefficient on P_O is  0.0066293 for group with dummy (1.gt287) =0 , and 0.0066293+0.4754795 for group with dummy=1.
> I would be grateful if you can tell me:
> 1.  whether I implemented the model correctly;
> 2. and what the insignificant difference between intercepts(α and δ) and highly significant difference between the coefficients for variables x and agr_score10 mean, bearing in mind that the dummy intercept represent the size of the firm in this case?
> I also welcome any general comment on the results.
> For description of the problem, dummy set up and full model output see my previous email below. Note that z= Y_TCOST10, agr_score10 and enforcement10.

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