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Re: st: Directory Management on a Mac

From   David Epstein <>
Subject   Re: st: Directory Management on a Mac
Date   Tue, 11 Dec 2012 12:30:27 -0500

I found that I had checked a preference to "Start in last session's
current working directory" (perhaps that was the pre-set preference).
It would do so even if I started a session by double-clicking a
do-file. By unchecking the box, and checking the box that allows a
do-file to be run instead of edited, I'm back to the setup I had on my
PC, so I'm happy again.

One slight preference, though, would be to have the ability to *both*
run a do-file and open it in the editor, as when I'm in development
mode it's a bit of a pain to run the file and then have to navigate to
it again once it runs in the application in order to edit it.


On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 8:53 AM, Kerry Kammire <> wrote:
> Steve Samuels <> wrote:
>> The one item still making me hesitate is the directory issue. When I
>> double-click a do-file on a PC, it runs that file using the present
>> directory as the default, which is usually what I want. But on a Mac, I
>> still have to set the directory name from within a do-file, which means a
>> program written on one Mac won't necessarily work on another Mac if
>> they have different directory trees.
> If you double-click on a .do (*), .dta, or .gph file from the Finder on a
> Mac,
> Stata changes the current working directory to the directory that the file
> is
> located in.  For example, if your current working directory is your home
> directory and you double-click on a .dta file in your Documents directory,
> Stata will change the current working directory to the Documents directory.
> Are you saying you don't want that to happen?
> * Stata can open a .do file that is double-clicked in the Finder in the
> Do-file Editor if you set the preference to do so.
> -- Kerry Kammire, StataCorp
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