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st: Database problem

From   roland andersson <>
Subject   st: Database problem
Date   Fri, 7 Dec 2012 20:16:30 +0100

I have data on 3574 unique patients. In the datase there are first 5
identification variables ,age, sex and so on. Thereafter comes a
nomber of variables representing observations. Each observation has
three columns - the sequential number of the observation, the content
of the observation and the date. The problem is that these observation
are in reverse order, ie the last observation comes first and the
first observation last in the row. And the number of observations for
each patient range from 1 to 44. Some observations have the same date
so they have the same sequential number. below is the data. Var 7, var
10 and var 13 are the number of the observation, var 8, 11, and 14 the
observation (the diagnosis or intervention) and var 9, 12 and 15 the
date of the observation.

I want to reverse the order so that the first observation comes in as
var 7 etc. I also want to merge observations with the same date with a
new combined content. case nr 1 below sholuld thus be 1
diverticulitsigmo 15930. Is this possible?

Roland Andersson

 var7 var8 var9 var10 var11 var12 var13 var14 var15
1 diverticulit 15930 1 sigmo 15930
1 akutiverticulit 16670 1 sigmo 16670
3 akutiverticulit 17126 2 akutiverticulit 16962 1 akutiverticulit 16359
2 akutiverticulit 17019 1 akutiverticulit 17019
1 akutiverticulit 15831 1 resektion 15831
1 akutiverticulit 16129
3 ctbuk 16839 2 sigmo 16838 1 akutiverticulit 16532
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