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Re: st: Greek symbols missing in "graph export" to PDF and EPS

From   Alan Riley <>
Subject   Re: st: Greek symbols missing in "graph export" to PDF and EPS
Date   Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:02:46 -0500

Marco Ercolani ( is trying to export
Stata graphs with italicized Greek letters:

> When exporting a graph to PDF format Greek letters seem to vanish and 
> when exporting a graph to EPS the italics formatting on Greek letters is lost.
> * Here is some code to illustrate the problems:
> gr twoway function y=x+0.1, text(0.5 0.5 "{it:{&pi} = Q}", align(baseline) )
> graph export "MyGraph.emf", replace // THIS IS FINE
> graph export "MyGraph.eps", replace // GREEK LETTER PI IS NOT IN ITALICS
> graph export "MyGraph.pdf", replace // GREEK LETTER PI IS MISSING
> Are there elegant fixes within Stata to these problems? 
> (I am running Stata MP 64 under Windows).
> (I know about manual solutions such as importing to 
> Word and creating PDF from Word and EPS files. )

The basic symbol font used in PostScript does not support italicized
symbols such as Greek letters.  I believe this is what is causing
the problems Marco is experiencing.  Marco should try producing the
graph without the italics SMCL tag "{it: ...}" and should also
contact Stata Technical Services at if he would
like more help.


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