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Re: st: SSC Activity, August 2012

From   Richard Williams <>
To, "" <>
Subject   Re: st: SSC Activity, August 2012
Date   Sun, 09 Sep 2012 10:44:39 -0500

At 07:56 AM 9/9/2012, Christopher Baum wrote:
Over 330,000 ado-, mata- and mlib-files were downloaded from the SSC Archive in August, representing the efforts of 445 members of the Stata community. Results for authors are available, as always, on

while results on a per-package basis are available from within Stata:

. ssc hot,n(25)

Thanks for the update Kit. FYI, I notice that -fitstat- is in the top 25. People should know that the version of -fitstat- on SSC is not the most current version (indeed, the SSC version is more than 10 years old). Long and Freese keep the most current version of -fitstat- (along with various other routines which have older versions available on SSC) on Long's personal website. Do -findit spost9- to get the most up to date version. I've seen several people have problems because they were using old versions of Long and Freese software. When in doubt, I usually assume SSC has the most current version of software, but Long and Freese's routines are a noteworthy exception.

Top 25 packages at SSC

        Aug 2012
  Rank   # hits    Package       Author(s)
     1   5581.5    outreg2       Roy Wada
     2   4800.1    estout        Ben Jann
     3   2100.3    ivreg2        Mark E Schaffer, Steven Stillman,
                                   Christopher F Baum
     4   2091.4    xtabond2      David Roodman
     5   2011.8    psmatch2      Edwin Leuven, Barbara Sianesi
     6   1921.2    ranktest      Frank Kleibergen, Mark E Schaffer
     7   1438.9    tabout        Ian Watson
     8   1423.8    outreg        John Luke Gallup
     9   1392.7    sumdist       Stephen P. Jenkins
    10   1167.3    winsor        Nicholas J. Cox
    11   1089.2    xtivreg2      Mark E Schaffer
    12    965.8    gllamm        Sophia Rabe-Hesketh
    13    947.3    fre           Ben Jann
    14    920.9    usespss       Sergiy Radyakin
    15    790.7    egenmore      Nicholas J. Cox
    16    724.7    xttest3       Christopher F Baum
    17    671.2    spmap         Maurizio Pisati
    18    639.3    shp2dta       Kevin Crow
    19    623.7    xml_tab       Zurab Sajaia, Michael Lokshin
    20    615.7    xtivreg28     Mark E Schaffer
    21    609.3    fitstat       Jeremy Freese, J. Scott Long
    22    513.0    unique        Tony Brady
    23    504.7    xtoverid      Mark E Schaffer, Steven Stillman
    24    484.0    outtable      Joao Pedro Azevedo, Christopher F Baum
    25    479.0    xttest2       Christopher F Baum

Please recall that information on additions and updates to the SSC Archive can be accessed within Stata using -ssc new-. and updates easily acessed using the -adoupdate- command.


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