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Re: st: Stata graphs in word count

From   Scott Merryman <>
Subject   Re: st: Stata graphs in word count
Date   Wed, 29 Aug 2012 06:17:21 -0500

Why not simply use Stata to count the number of words used in the
graphs and then add that to the Word total.

For example:

sysuse auto,clear
local title "This is the title"
local caption "This is the caption"
scatter mpg weight , title(`title') caption(`caption')

local mywordcount wordcount("`title'") + wordcount("`caption'")
disp  `mywordcount'


On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 6:04 AM, Pablo Bonilla
<> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Stata works very well with Latex, but given that you are using word, my advice is export your data to Excel, make the graphs there and paste them in Word. A lot of people might not agree with me but I don't see any other way for working in Stata and Word together besides copy and paste graphs.
> Best,
> Pablo.
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> From: John Guzek
> Sender:
> To:
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> Subject: st: Stata graphs in word count
> Sent: Aug 29, 2012 05:51
> Hello,
> I need to include the contents of Stata graphs in my word count, I'm working on my thesis. Does anyone know how to make MS Word recognise the contents of graphs? At the moment, all the necessary graphs are in my Word doc, I've put them in as pictures, having saved them from Stata as WMF.
> Thanks,
> John Guzek

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