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RE: st: AW: Popularity of R, SAS, SPSS, Stata...

From   "Muenchen, Robert A (Bob)" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: AW: Popularity of R, SAS, SPSS, Stata...
Date   Sun, 20 Jun 2010 11:44:43 -0400

>If researchers publishing papers with data analysis were required to
>indicate their package, that would help quite a bit. I searched Google
>Scholar for Stata, SAS and SPSS, constraining the publication year to
>2009, and got 32900, 175000 and 44800.

I tried Google Scholar but had a tough time getting consistent results.
While "R" is not at all helpful, people are supposed to cite it and I
searched for that. But doing it various ways, people were very
inconsistent. The more consistent methods drew my time away from that.
However, it has been over a year since I tried that method so I should
have another go at it. 

>Each software is idiosyncratic:
>should you give a link to or should you
>give a link to or to SSC?

I really like this idea. I tried to pick the most dominant link, so each
would be shown in the best possible light. That usually turned out to be
the main company link while there could be a more specific product link
(e.g. SPSS.COM rather than the page for SPSS Statistics, which is one
piece of many), but I did not think of looking at the support links.
I'll do that & see if it's higher. 

>And since R does not have
>support in the sense the commercial vendors do, [R-help] is the only
>source of support, and the number of subscribers to [R-help] should be
>compared to the sum of the number subscribers to Statalist and the
>number of people who contacted Stata tech-support@.

Thanks for reminding me of this. I did start down this road months ago.
Some listservs made total subscribers easy to find. Others didn't. Do
you know where on Statalist it shows the number of subscribers?

I suspect I'll have a hard time getting the monthly phone call numbers
from the vendors, but it can't hurt to ask. Statacorp folks are probably
reading this. Any chance of that?


>Stas Kolenikov, also found at
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