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Re: st: re: SSC Activity, November 2009

From   Roy Wada <>
Subject   Re: st: re: SSC Activity, November 2009
Date   Mon, 7 Dec 2009 10:13:35 -0800

> Not exactly the same as fake clicks on ads for your competitors on Google,
> is it?

There is a saying in politics about lower the stakes the more vicious
the fight. Many people seem to be saying they do not care about the
ranking, yet that is stretching the belief. Judging by their deeds,
they care terribly.

It seems I am the only one who has went on record saying he would be
happier if the ranking was not published. If the authors need a
feedback, they do not need to see the whole ranking. If the Stata Corp
needs it, Kit can supply it privately. This would be okay with me.

I imagine this is not going to be okay with people who previously said
they do not care for the ranking. I thought about asking Kit to take
my name out, but that would be counterproductive since that would be
rewarding the objectional behavior.

Kit has put tremenous amount of work into ssc, and I am not going to
be the one to tell him what to do on the account of my preference.
Some people also seem to be saying there is no evidence of
manipuation, yet that is also stretching the belief, and apparently
not fully appreciating the impact this is having on Kit's work.

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