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RE: st: Plain text [was: ... -egen, cut() ...]

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Plain text [was: ... -egen, cut() ...]
Date   Tue, 25 Aug 2009 19:18:21 +0100

Thanks for this, especially the bottom line. 

I know nothing about GMail except that lots of people use it. 

Statalist intends that every poster who sends a valid posting should receive that posting, qua Statalist member. Any additions or subtractions to that are between you and your mailer or email provider. 

I am just formulating some minor edits to the FAQ following this thread, so that some clarifications may be more widely helpful. 


László Sándor

maybe it's due to some Google wizardry in GMail, but I don't get a
duplicate copy of my messages sent to Statalist. I think this is what
you meant that should happen. So for the newbies who get no replies,
the only resolution whether they are ignored or the message did not
get through can come from checking the archives. I'm sorry I missed

In any case, I'm glad I got answers to my substantial questions today.

On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 1:47 PM, Nick Cox<> wrote:
> Thanks for this.
> As I said earlier, I do think members are responsible for finding out about their own mailers. I imagine you agree.
> The FAQ does explain at 0.2
> "When anyone (such as you) sends email to a listserver, it is forwarded to all the subscribers of the list."
> -- and "all" means what it says as far as Statalist is concerned. You are right that there are lists for which it means, strictly, "everybody else".
> The FAQ does also include a section
> 2.8 I may have missed some messages. Or, I want to look at past messages. Where are the archives?
> -- which is the way to find out whether your posts have got through.
> Nick
> László Sándor
> My mistake. I skimmed the FAQ for parts that seemed important. And I
> didn't make the connection that GMail sends out HTML email by default
> even if I don't add any formatting or links.
> But why should Statalist send out error messages? On mailing lists I
> am on, I don't get a copy of my own messages -- and this is what I
> expected from Statalist too. So after I sent something to Statalist,
> but negligently as HTML, I could not distinguish what happened from my
> question being simply ignored. And the FAQ does link to guidelines on
> stating a question, which emphasizes that you should not repeat a
> question or complain about people ignoring your question. So my
> mistake could happen to other new subscribers, using GMail or any
> other clients.
> I hope all get their answers in the end, just as I did today, which I
> am grateful for.
> On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 1:15 PM, Nick Cox <> wrote:
>> The FAQ section 2.2 says
>> "Please make sure that your mailer is set to send ASCII or “plain text” for outgoing messages, or the equivalent for your mailer. That is, do not send HTML, rich text, VCards, winmail.dat files, or anything other than Plain Text. See for an excellent explanation of this matter, including instructions for configuring many types of mail software so that you do not send mail in formats that are difficult for many mailers to read."
>> Which bit of this is unclear?
>> But you're right. We don't send error messages. Why should we?
>> László Sándor
>> However, it wasn't clear to me
>> after signing up or reading the FAQ that Statalist accepts only plain
>> text emails, and doesn't even send out error messages if you (or
>> GMail) tried to send it an HTML email.

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