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st: Re: survival analysis

From   Tina Hernandez-Boussard <>
Subject   st: Re: survival analysis
Date   Mon, 24 Aug 2009 20:03:15 -0700

Sorry, to add more detail, here are my data

------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------
      397  total obs.
        0  exclusions
------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------
      397  obs. remaining, representing
      58  failures in single record/single failure data
   8262.5  total analysis time at risk, at risk from t =         0
                             earliest observed entry t =         0
                                  last observed exit t =        96

So if I only have 58 failures out of 397 obs, why is my survival curve look like this:

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On Aug 24, 2009, at 4:56 PM, Tina Hernandez-Boussard wrote:

Hi All,

I am having problems viewing the graph I want using stset.

I have a dataset that contains 398 patients with 58 failures

I have the following variables:

followupTime TimetoEvent ID

I have set things up as such (1 row per patient):

stset followupTime , failure(TimetoEvent )

         failure _d:  TimetoEvent
   analysis time _t:  followupTime

I have tried to make TimetoEvent a dummy variable, with 0/1 instead of time of event.

However, when I get the graphs, I have everyone with an event. I should only have 58 events. Can someone please help on what I have done wrong with the setup?



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