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Re: st: RE: frequency bar charts of string variables

From   Florian Wakolbinger <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: frequency bar charts of string variables
Date   Wed, 22 Jul 2009 22:12:07 +0200

dear all,

i have another question related to my previous one:
is there any possiblity to change the size of the axis-labels of both the yaxis as well as the categorical axis at the command "catplot hbar..."

thanks again very much for your replies,

Nick Cox schrieb:
There are commands to do this, which I presume is what you want. In
official Stata it is not too difficult. First read in suitable data
. sysuse auto
(1978 Automobile Data)

Suppose that -foreign- were a string variable, which we can simulate
. decode foreign, gen(Foreign)

Now go
. gen one = 1

. graph hbar (sum) one, over(Foreign) ytitle(frequency)

However, the user-written command -catplot- from SSC may prove more
. catplot hbar Foreign

For -hbar- read also -bar-, for vertical versions usually more difficult
to read. Nick
Florian Wakolbinger

is there an option in stata to draw bar charts of string variables, i.e.

if the variable contains 40 "yes" and 60 "no", to draw a chart with two bars of height 40 and 60?

to put it differently, is there an option to visualize the results of the command tab varname

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