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RE: st: question about smcl

From   "Steichen, Thomas J." <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   RE: st: question about smcl
Date   Fri, 11 Apr 2008 15:09:03 -0400

For those who use UltraEdit-32 for formatting SMCL-based help files,
I'll offer my syntax-highlighting "wordfile". This is a very simple
file that covers the more frequently used commands. I'll presume you
know how to add it to your current wordfile... If not, instructions
are given at:


-- start of file-----------------------------------------------------------
/L19"StataSMCL" Nocase File Extensions = hlp String Chars = "
/Delimiters = : []}{()
{* {.- {...
{ado {ado_d
{back {bf {bind {break {browse
{c {ccl {center {centre {char {clearmore {cmd {cmdab {col
{depvar {depvarlist {depvars {dialog {dlgtab {dtype {dup
{error {err
{help {help_d {helpb {hi {hilite {hline
{ifin {indepvars {input {inp {it
{manhelp {manhelpi {marker {matacmd
{net {net_d {netfrom_d {news {newvar
{p2col {p2coldent {p2colreset {p2colset {p2line
{p_end {phang2 {phang3 {phang {pin2 {pin3 {pin {pmore2 {pmore3 {pmore {psee {pstd {p
{ralign {rcenter {rcentre {reset {result {res {right
{search {search_d {sf {smcl {space {stata {synopt {synopthdr {synoptline {synoptset {syntab
{tab {text {title {txt
{ul {update {update_d
{var {varlist {varname {vars {view {view_d
-- end of file----------------------------------------------------------

Thomas J. Steichen

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From: [] On Behalf Of Richard Williams
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2008 1:40 PM
Subject: Re: st: question about smcl

At 03:09 AM 4/11/2008, Tamas Bartus (tbartus) wrote:
>I also find smcl a bit difficult, writing a help file is not a
>pleasure (probably I miss
>some necessary skills). Did StataCorp considered or does consider in
>the future other languages?
>HTML for example? I just discovered by chance that even SPSS 14. can
>produce almost publication quality HTML log files.

Writing programs is kind of fun, but writing help files is pure
drudgery.  If somebody has written templates that make Textpad or
other programs easier to use when writing help files, I'd love to see
them.  I know Statacorp has a long wish list, but anything it could
come up with would be appreciated.  I've heard people say that they
didn't bother to put their programs on SSC because they didn't want
to write a help file.

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