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st: xtlogit - odds ratios for continuous predictors

From   Søren Mayland <>
Subject   st: xtlogit - odds ratios for continuous predictors
Date   Wed, 09 May 2007 19:31:18 +0000


I'm using xtlogit to model a two level (country-individual) model.
I am probably in way over my head, as I am using it in my Political Science bachleor, and has been using SPSS until last week.. ..anyway:
One of my predictores at country level are a level of ethnic fragmentation which ranges between 0,2 and about 0,8.
Basicly what I need is the best way to report my results.
So far Im settling for odds ratio, but this makes the results of the above predictor to complex to report.
The only solution I have found this far is standardizing the variable. (hov do I find the standard deviation for my predictor in xtlogit Stata?)

Hopefully someone outthere has some advise for a novice but hard working student


Soeren Mayland
University of Aarhus - IFSK

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