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Re: st: addplot & legsize features on tmap

From   Maurizio Pisati <>
Subject   Re: st: addplot & legsize features on tmap
Date   Thu, 08 Feb 2007 14:44:27 +0100

As the author of -tmap-, I must admit that option -addplot()- is not very well conceived as far as error trapping is concerned. Also, at first sight your command has the right syntax, so it's difficult to conjecture about what's going wrong. As Nick Cox suggested, -set trace on- could help you spot the problem. Anyway, if you run Stata 9.2, a new (and, hopefully, better) version of -tmap- (which will be called -spmap-) is about to be submitted to the SSC Archive. -spmap- should facilitate the drawing of maps of the kind you're interested in.

At 07.16 08/02/2007, you wrote:

I have successfully created a map using tmap 2.0 but I'm not
able to make use of a couple of options. Specifically, I
attempted to use addplot so that I can label state names and
legsize to increase the size of the legeng but I received
error messages that the option is not allowed. Can anyone see
the mistake I'm making? Thanks! Any suggestions are greatly


#delimit ;
tmap choropleth numbrclin if conterminous, id(id) map
palette(Reds) ocolor(white) osize(medium)
legbox legtitle("# of free clinics") legformat("%4.1f")

The syntax above works just fine but when I try to integrate
the following syntax, I get error messages:

addplot(label label if conterminous,
x(x_coord) y(y_coord) lc(gs14) ls(0.9))

Please note that my main file contains the following variables:
  id x_coord y_coord name label conterminous numbrclin

and my boundary file contains:  _ID _X _Y
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