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st: RE: addplot & legsize features on tmap

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: addplot & legsize features on tmap
Date   Thu, 8 Feb 2007 13:10:58 -0000

I suggest that you

. set trace on 
. set tracedepth 2

beforehand to see where the error occurs. "2" is just 
a guess here: you may need to tune. 


Julie Susan Darnell
> I have successfully created a map using tmap 2.0 but I'm not
> able to make use of a couple of options. Specifically, I
> attempted to use addplot so that I can label state names and
> legsize to increase the size of the legeng but I received
> error messages that the option is not allowed. Can anyone see
> the mistake I'm making? Thanks! Any suggestions are greatly
> appreciated!
> Julie
> #delimit ;
> tmap choropleth numbrclin if conterminous, id(id) map
> ("F:\GIS\usmap\us-coordinates.dta")
> palette(Reds) ocolor(white) osize(medium)
> legbox legtitle("# of free clinics") legformat("%4.1f")
> legpos(5);
> The syntax above works just fine but when I try to integrate
> the following syntax, I get error messages:
> legsize(2)
> addplot(label label if conterminous,
> x(x_coord) y(y_coord) lc(gs14) ls(0.9))
> Please note that my main file contains the following variables:
>   id x_coord y_coord name label conterminous numbrclin
> and my boundary file contains:  _ID _X _Y

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