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Re: st: reshape

From   "Ada Ma" <>
Subject   Re: st: reshape
Date   Mon, 15 May 2006 10:45:08 +0100

if you have more variables you want to reshape (X_ Y_ Z_) then those
you don't want to reshape (id time), then you can specify:

ds id time, not

Now a list of all variables would be saved in `r(varlist)', then you can write:

reshape long `r(varlist)' , i(id) j(time)

On 5/12/06, Hans J. Baumgartner <> wrote:
Dear statalist,

I would like to reshape quite a huge number of variables. Is it possible
to use the reshape command without specifying each single variable? Or can
I circumnavigate this problem creating a local that contains all variables
in the data set so that I can implement the local in the reshape command?

What I am having looks something like this:

Varnames : X_1 Y_1 Z_1        X_2 Y_2 Z_2

reshape long X_ Y_ Z_ , i(id) j(time)

How can I use the command without specifying X_ Y_ Z_ ?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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